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The premier source of tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists.
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Milling Machine CNC with Enclosure

$3,995.95 On Sale

Regularly $4,295.95

Save 7%

Milling Machine CNC with Enclosure
  • Complete factory-built CNC milling machine
  • 2/3 Horsepower spindle motor drives 2 Morse taper spindle
  • Electronics are built in to the machine
  • Fourth axis driver included at no extra charge
  • Includes Mach 3 demo software
The model 3502 CNC Milling Machine is a complete CNC solution that incorporates our time-tested model 3501 in a sturdy enclosure. It's not a conversion or adaptation; this machine is designed and built by the factory as a CNC machine. The Model 3501 includes a one-shot lubrication system and an improved mill table that facilitates the use of flood coolant. Up until now, hobby CNC has required that you make or buy a conversion of a manual milling machine. You had to integrate the mill, ball screws, stepper motors, drivers, power supplies, and breakout boards. Most people don't even know what those things are, much less how to integrate them into a working CNC machine. The model 3501 is the perfect mill for the bench top machinist who wants to create parts and not just build a CNC machine. The power supplies and controllers are built into the mill. No extra cabinets, cables, or connectors are required. The model 3501 CNC milling machine even includes a 4th axis driver so you can add a 4th axis rotary table by simply plugging it in. With powerful NEMA 23 hybrid stepper motors connected by zero backlash jaw couplings to precision-ground ball screws, the model 3501 can achieve positioning accuracy to 0.0005". Not many hobby-grade machines can make a claim like that. It will machine at up to 20 inches per minute and rapid traverse at up to 80 inches per minute. A 2/3 horsepower closed loop brushless DC spindle motor and synchronized belt drive takes the spindle from 100 to 7000 rpm under full CNC control. A one-shot oiler with flexible shielded lube distribution tubing takes care of daily lubrication with a single press of a lever. With a work envelope of 10.2" (X-axis) x 4.3" (Y-axis) x 7.1" (Z-axis) the model 3501 has large capabilities in a small machine. The mill table is 15" x 5.38", giving you plenty of room to mount your work and fixtures. A software controlled receptacle on the back of the machine provides CNC control of an optional mist or flood coolant system. And we haven’t forgotten your safety. The model 3501 carries the CE marking, the European counterpart to UL listing. A safety E-stop button right on the front of the enclosure and the interlocked door shut down the mill instantly. This is the machine only; a computer and tooling must be purchased separately. The model 3501 CNC Milling Machine is a version of the SIEG KX1. *NOTE* We ship machines only to the US and Canada.

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