Paint Colors

We have identified paints that match the various colors used to paint mini lathes and mini mills. These paints are widely available. You can use them to paint parts that you add or replace.

Color Paint Used On
Blue LMS Blue Touch Up Paint brand machines.
White LMS White Touch Up Paint brand machines.
Red Rust-Oleum American Accents #7925 Colonial Red Satin

Sears Tool Box Red 3066348

Red mini lathes and mini mills from, Harbor Freight, Micro-Mark, Homier, and ToolsNow (Cummins)
Green Hammerite RustCap Hammered Metal Finish Mid Green Mini lathes and mini mills from Grizzly
Blue Plasti-Koat Ford Blue Engine Paint #224 Late model mini lathes from Homier
Yellow ACE Hardware Sunshine Yellow Mini lathes from ToolsNow (Cummins)

If you have updated information on paint colors, please let us know.