Products > Lathe Chucks > Adapters has a full range of lathe chuck adapters for mounting a lathe chuck on a lathe.

A short note on our terminology

  • Adapter: Products listed as Adapters are flat adapters that bolt-on to lathes and no machining is required. See the product compatibility tab for machines that will support any given adapter.
  • Backplate Lathe Chuck Adapter: Products whose name begins with Backplate Lathe Chuck Adapter are flat adapters that are machined on the lathe side. The chuck side needs machining. Backplates are unthreaded.
  • Chuck Adapter: These products are threaded adapters. The chuck side needs machining. See link below for a reference page correlating lathe spindle threads to lathe chuck adapters.

When buying a Threaded Chuck Adapter

To help you get the right threaded backplate lathe chuck adapter, we have a chart that correlates lathe spindle threads to lathe chuck adapters and a chart that provides dimensions of threaded lathe chuck adapters .

The first rule of buying a threaded adapter is to measure the threads on your spindle. There are simply too may variants of every kind of lathe to trust any chart. Here is a Paper Thread Gage to help measure.

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Spacer, Taig Chuck Adapter
1914 Spacer, Taig Chuck Adapter   Made in United States
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