Chip Shield, Magnetic for 3" - 4" Vise, ClearMade in United States

Chip Shield, Magnetic for 3" - 4" Vise, Clear
  • Milling machine chip shield uses strong Neodymium magnets to mount to the front or back of a machine
  • Conveniently remove without the hassle of fussing with tools or screws
  • Adjustable friction hinges allow setting the side panels at any angle up to 150 degrees
  • Compatible with any 3"- 4" milling vise with a flat surface on either end
  • Approximate dimensions: 11 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 1/4"
Part Number: 5178
Weight: 0.50 lb

Price: $39.95

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This made-in-USA milling vise chip shield is a great add-on to any 3" or 4" milling vise in your shop. This quickly attaches to a vise to provide a reliable and adjustable chip shield. It's great for fly cutting and other "messy" jobs.

Use caution when placing the milling machine chip shield near the vise or any other metal object as the Neodymium magnets are very strong and will act to rapidly close the gap if they are unintentionally placed too close to the object.

To assemble, select the side of the center panel where the magnets are flush with the surface and lay this side facedown on a flat surface. Use the supplied machine screws to attach the supplied hinges joining the center panel to each side panel. Run the screws through the nylon lock nuts before installing on the hinges. Install the bolts with the nuts on the outside, the screw heads should fit in the hex space provided on the hinges. Then start all 4 screws in each hinge before tightening, then tighten the screws with the hinge square to the panel, and the panels square to each other. Turn the torque adjustment screw on the hinge to the desired friction when moving the side panels.