Mist Coolant Unit (just add air & coolant) 

Mist Coolant Unit (just add air & coolant)
  • Long 31CM flexible nozzle hose to reach any angle
  • Easy to connect line via push-in connections
  • Durable copper knobs for flow control, knurled surfaces for easy grip
  • Line filter and backflow preventor
  • Mounting holes for a wide range of applications
Part Number: 6326
Weight: 0.46 lb

Price: $39.95

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Economy coolant spray unit for a variety of applications using water or coolants. Ideal for turning, drilling, milling, sawing or grinding.

Three 5mm mounting holes in the base provide flexibility in locating the unit whose overall width is 46mm and height 40mm.

The 31cm (12.2") spray hose is easily shaped to locate your spray at the precise location needed.

Brass nozzle and knobs prevent rust and surfaces are knurled for easy control.

Air and coolant intakes use a push-type attachment. The air intake is 8mm and the liquid intake is 4mm. The fluid hose included has a 2.5mm internal diameter, a backflow preventer and a filter.

Use with standard air compressor (not included) with pressure range of 30 - 150 PSI.

The system is suitable for use with any type of soluble coolant or oil (non-corrosive). Use with fluids having a viscosity at 68 cSt or less.

Air Intake 0.31" (8.0 mm)
Coolant Intake 0.16" (4.0 mm)
Nozzle Tip 0.083" (2.12 mm)
Liquid Tube 5.00" (127.0 mm)
Liquid Tube Internal Diameter 0.10" (2.5 mm)
Mounting Holes 0.22" (5.5 mm)
Base Width 1.81" (46.0 mm)
Base Height 1.57" (40.0 mm)
Base Depth 0.98" (25.0 mm)
Flex Hose Overall Length 12.20" (310.0 mm)
"Mist Coolant Unit Spray Unit
"Mist Coolant Unit Flow Control
"Mist Coolant Unit End View Hose Attachments
"Mist Coolant Unit Hose


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