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Making Metal Clockworks for Home Machinists

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Making Metal Clockworks for Home Machinists
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Home Machinists Series
Home Machinists Series

  • Explains terms, general forms of clock construction, tools, materials, and methods
  • An introductory guide to horology for beginners
  • Learn the layout and creation of wheels, escapements, pinions, pendulums, and more
  • With expert advice, know the best ways to make specialized items
  • Includes black and white photography and easy-to-understand figures


Revised and newly updated, Making Metal Clockworks is an introduction to horology for the complete beginner.

Explaining the terminology and general forms of clock construction, you’ll learn about the materials and methods and understand everything from and the layout of wheels and escapements to the making of wheels, pinions, pendulums, and so much more.

By Stan Bray

128 pages, softcover, 6" x 8

ISBN 978-1-4971-0059-6

Copyright 2019


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