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Oscillating Steam Engine Material Kit

         Made in United States
Oscillating Steam Engine Material Kit
Part Number: 2594
Weight: 1.85 lb

Price: $27.95

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  • Includes all the materials you need
  • Plus all the hardware to assemble the engine
  • Complete plans are included
  • Great first project for beginners


This kit includes all the materials and hardware required to make the oscillating steam engine.

This engine can be built with a small lathe (Sherline or larger) and a drill press. A small mill (Sherline or larger) makes it easier.

You will need a source of compressed air, such as an air compressor, to run this engine.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Here are the oscillating steam engine plans.

Here is a photo of the completed engine.

Here's a YouTube video made by one of our customers.

Here's a photo of a group of the oscillating engines made by high school students at South Hills School of Business & Technology.


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