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Tachulator Tachometer & SFM Meter

         Made in Canada
Tachulator Tachometer & SFM Meter
Part Number: 2658
Weight: 0.94 lb

Price: $109.95

In stock
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  • Digital tachometer for lathes and mills
  • Displays rpm and surface feet per minute
  • Range to 9999 rpm, 9999 SFM
  • Accuracy and resolution to 1 rpm
  • Cutter or work diameter to 99.99"


This kit includes the Tachulator module in an aluminum enclosure, plus the sensor and power supply.

Features include:

Period counting for fast updates even at slow rpm inputs

Calculates SFM from rpm and entered diameter

Cutter or work diameter from 0.01" to 99.99"

Low power consumption- 50mA typically at 9-12VDC

Bright attractive 4 digit 0.56” high display with decimal points

Sensor contains light source - will work in complete darkness

Crystal time base for high accuracy and stability

Professional quality conservative design and manufacturing

Screw terminal block for sensor connection

Usable with multiple sensor heads using a DPDT or 2-pole multiple-position switch

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Here is complete documentation on the Tachulator.

The photo below shows the Tachulator display.

The Tachulator includes a power supply that is 120V AC input and has a North American plug. You can replace it with a 9v DC 200ma power supply with your local power plug.


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