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Pin Gage Set, 0.061" to 0.250" Minus

Pin Gage Set, 0.061" to 0.250" Minus
Part Number: 3720
Weight: 3.97 lb

Price: $59.95

In stock
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Hole Gage Sets
Hole Gage Sets

  • 190 2" long pin gages
  • Each pin is up to 0.0002" under the marked size
  • Hardened to 60-62 Rc
  • Finished to 10 microinches
  • Furnished in a sturdy plastic case with sizes marked


These pin gages provide one of the best ways of measuring hole diameters. They can also be used to measure the distance between holes and for go/no go gaging.

This set includes 190 pin gages, one for each 0.001" from 0.061" to 0.250". Each of the pin gages are individually marked with their respective sizes.


"Pin Gage Set Detail View


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