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DVD: Building a Crosshead Overcrank Steam Engine

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DVD: Building a Crosshead Overcrank Steam Engine
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  • Build a crosshead overcrank steam engine
  • Video instructions and complete plans on the DVD
  • By Ron Takayama


This DVD shows how to make a crosshead overcrank steam engine. The engine is made from cast iron, stainless steel and brass. Cast iron, although it creates a lot of dust, is a very wonderful metal to work with and is easy to machine. The building of this engine is not difficult. As with any machining operation, it just takes time. Hard silver solder is used for all soldering operations, cadmium free solder is highly recommended.

The video covers: an Introduction, Cylinder, Piston Ring, Top End Cap, Steam Chest Platform, Drilling Steam Ports, Soldering Cylinder, Steam Chest Packing Gland, Valve, Upper Table, Crankshaft Supports, Crank, Eccentric, Compressor, Clevis, Column, Crosshead, Crosshead Guide, Flywheel, Packing, Assembly, Timing Running On Air, Running On Steam.


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