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Rotary Table, 4" Tilting

Rotary Table, 4" Tilting
Part Number: 5604
Weight: 12.0 lb

Price: $188.54

In stock
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  • Tilting table 0° to 90°
  • 4" diameter table rotates 360°
  • 1:36 ratio or 10° per handwheel revolution
  • Scale reads to 15 minutes
  • Low profile - 66mm (2.60") tall


Affordably priced rotary table suitable for bolt patterns, arched slots, cutting out flywheels and other medium precision jobs. The small size of the table is good for small milling machines. The table has a low profile of 66mm (2.60") in the horizontal position.

This precision ground graded cast iron table is graduated for a full 360°. The handwheel utilizes a 1:36 ratio resulting in 10° per handwheel revolution. Table tilts from 0° to 90° and locks into place.

Table comes with two clamping studs, two 45mm clamping bars and two t-nuts.


Ratio 36:1
Table Diameter 4.02" (102.0 mm)
Height (Mounted Horizontal) 2.60" (66.0 mm)
Body Length 8.27" (210.0 mm)
Body Width 8.27" (210.0 mm)
Center Height (Mounted Vertically) 3.03" (77.0 mm)
T-Slot Width 0.31" (8.0 mm)
Minimum Vernier Reading 10"
Flatness of Table Surface (Concave) 0.0008" (0.020 mm)
Parallelism of Table Surface to Base 0.0008" (0.020 mm)
Squareness of Table Surface to Base 0.0008" (0.020 mm)
Runout of Table Surface 0.0008" (0.020 mm)
Squareness of Table Surface to Angle Face Slot 0.0008" (0.020 mm)
Maximum Spacing Error 30"


"Rotary Table


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