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American Fastener provides most everything you could ever want to know about nuts and bolts.

A great collection of shop made tools in may different categories.

A training guide published by the Army. Covers many areas of machine shop practice.

A sampling of design, machining & fabrication at a home shop by Ned Sieth.

The Home Machinist is a forum that covers all aspects of hobby machining. It is site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby.

Excellent hints, tools and projects by Frank Ford.

Shop made machine tools created by Evan Williams.

efunda provides an interesting introduction to machining processes.

A great collection of home shop, mathematical and miscellaneous utility freeware

Metal scraping is a technique for removing, progressively and in a controlled way, very thin layers of metal from the high areas of a surface, making it increasingly even until it reaches a very high degree of flatness. After a sufficient number of passes, you will have brought the peaks down to the level of the valleys, and the surface will have become flat.

Metal Web News is the Web accompaniment to rec.crafts.metalworking. It includes a metalworking FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a lot of other information. is another resource for rec.crafts.metalworking. It includes a drop box that contains many files concerning all aspects of metalworking.

Chris Heapy's Web page provides many workshop projects, tips, techniques, and drawings.

Robert has far-flung interests--solar power, lasers, drones, and more--and he writes clear, detailed descriptions of the things he makes using his home machine shop.

Monarch Metal Fabrication provides dimensions of standard fasteners. This includes head dimensions as well as counterbore dimensions.

Max Phillips has a blog on Tumblr that documents his adventures in precision machining.

The Virtual Machine Shop is a web site dedicated to the perpetuation of machine tool knowledge and training. There are over 40 lessons in the Lesson Library covering many areas of machine tool technology. Additional features of this site include a Discussion Forum where machining topics can be discussed.

The Hobby-Machinist, a friendly machinist forum. All experience levels and machine owners welcome. A not-for-profit educational forum.

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