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These videos show how to use some of the tools sold by

How to adjust the cutting tool height using a quick change tool post

How to adjust the mini lathe cross-slide and compound-slide dovetails for optimum performance.

See how to use an automatic center punch.

This video shows how easy it is to install the belt drive.

How to change a workpiece held in a 3-jaw chuck

This video describes the accessories added to the LMS mill including small LED lamps to light the working surface, magnets to position the parallels,  a air cleaning system to keet filings off the vise face, and a safety shieldto protect the operator. Finally we demonstrate how we installed the DRO system and the X Autofeed system onto this model 5500 mill.

Step-by-step guide to installing the Air Sprink Kit on a mini mill.

How to mount a screwless vise squarely on a mill table using mounting clamps, T-slot nuts, and a square

See how to mount an 0XA QCTP on a Grizzly G0768 Lathe

How to use the camlock tailstock on the HiTorque Mini Lathe

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