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See YouTube channels that relate to machining. These guys do some amazing stuff!

I have spent four years completing the design, fabrication and assembly of a 1/12th scale RC model of a 1960’s vintage P&H crawler mounted crane. Please visit my YouTube channel.

I am a third generation job shop machinist and create videos on many different repairs that come into the shop. I use manual machine tools, and specialize in lathe and mill work. I also do a bit of welding and repair work, including metal flame spray, and brazing. Some of the jobs you will find on my channel include machining shafts, hydraulic cylinder components, gear box repairs, electric motors, custom work, and even a good mix of odd repair jobs that find their way to my door. I often have my own shop projects which include many aspects of manual machining and share with you the viewer. Stop by and pay me a visit! Hope to see you on the channel!

Here on the Artisan Makes channel I create home machine shop videos. With a small workshop and modest equipment, I will show that almost anything can be made with an import lathe, and a small milling machine. I hope you learn something new and enjoy your time here.

Life of a millwright, shop work, fabrication, welding, sheet metal fab, machine restoration and repair, honest tool reviews.

Brad shows how to restore machinery and how to install a DRO on a 13" South Bend lathe. 

The Blondihacks Channel features projects and educational videos by Quinn Dunki, covering topics ranging from electronics, home-brew computing, machine shop work, welding/fabrication, 3D printing, and more.

Many are companion videos to full project write-ups, which you can find at


I'm Chris from Clickspring, and I create home machine shop project videos with a focus on clock making technology. Join me as I make an authentic replica of The Antikythera Mechanism from raw metal stock, as well as a wide selection of tools and jigs for use in the home machine shop.

See product reviews and how-to videos featuring bench top machine tools including mini lathes and mini mills.


My channel is intended to share a variety of insider tips and tricks designed to help tradesman and hobby machinists get the job done. I have been in industry since 1976 and have learned from some very talented people.

All kinds of shop related videos related to machine shop, metal working and woodworking, mostly involved with the restoration and use of all kinds of vintage machinery.  Much of my work is done in the Restoration and Maintenance Shops at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture.  

Some how-to videos.

Dale presents Metal Tips and Tricks dedicated to everything metalworking.

Instructional & Project videos on CNC Machining, CAD, CAM & Arduino

The Oxtoolco YouTube channel is an ongoing video journal of a life spent designing and building special tools, instruments, and mechanical devices for the scientific, medical, product development, and metal working industries It is also a place to share and expand skills and techniques among other practitioners.

Machining and Woodworking, Homemade tools. CNC routing/carving, Product reviews.

Home shop hobby machining and gunsmith how to and small project videos.

Red Beard Ops LLC exists to make fun and informative YouTube videos about knife making, craftsmanship, tool reviews, and restorations.

He uses products to make knives.

I have a very small backyard workshop with a Myford ML7, a Chinese Mini Lathe and a bench drill. I design and make lathe tools, do machine upgrades and repairs, make target shooting, survival and photographic equipment. Plus I do reviews of things I buy to use in the workshop and around the home.

Just a guy in his garage, trying to make a living.  I show how to make dreams come a reality from prototype to finished product.

Machining videos on many topics.

Lots of machining videos.

Your YouTube video machine shop instructor

I'm Keith Fenner and this is my Job Shop. Join me as I perform old school repair jobs by drilling, milling, grinding, welding, plasma cutting, broaching and metalworking on a lathe. At Turn Wright Machine Works, we walk the talk and getter done!

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