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Learn how to do many tasks around your shop.

This is a procedure to center work in just two revolutions of the 4-jaw chuck. Use this procedure, and regardless of your skill level, you can center work quickly and accurately.

This calculator determines the correct change gears for any thread pitch. Works for all mini lathes and HiTorque Bench Lathes.

A handy guide for disassemby and cleaning of a toolpost

How to use a wiggler; a type of edge and center finder. Learn what all the attachments are for.

Tap drill sizes, speeds and feeds, bolt circles, and more. This machinist's calculator also works on your phone so you can use it in the shop.

Choosing the right blade for the material to be cut plays an important role in band sawing.

Here is what you need to know to sharpen your own high speed steel lathe tool bits.

This knurling calculator finds the next smaller diameter from the diameter of your work piece.

There are several common types of failure that occur on the mini lathe's and mini mill's variable speed drive. Find the symptoms your machine exhibits, and follow the steps to diagnose the problem.

Learn how to use all the features of your electronic digital caliper.

The steel rule is a basic measuring tool. Learn about its use and care.

Learn about the software you need to create a part on a CNC machine.

Here is a mm to inch converter plus a better idea...

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