SIEG C2 7x14 Mini Lathe 

SIEG C2 7x14 Mini Lathe
  • Full featured miniature lathe at an incredible price
  • Includes 3" 3-jaw chuck, 2 sets of jaws, and chuck key
  • Variable speed with two speed ranges for low speed torque
  • Threading Dial
  • 2MT dead center, change gear set, 1/2" drill chuck
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Weight: 119 lb
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An indispensable workhorse in many workshops for many years, the 7x14 Mini Lathe has all the features you want at an incredibly low price. Trusted quality, full selection of available tooling, accessories, replacement parts, and a price you can't beat!

The exclusive version of this machine includes:

- Full 14" bed length with a 2MT tailstock for longer work pieces.

- 250 Watt spindle motor with 2 Speed ranges for low speed torque

- SANOU 3" (80 mm) 3-jaw chuck with two sets of jaws and chuck key.

- 1/2" (13mm) SANOU drill chuck with shank and a 6mm drill.

- The cross feed and compound rest dials are graduated in 0.001" and 0.025 mm.

- The lathe is equipped with a 4-way indexing tool post set for 5/16" (8 mm) tools and includes an 8x8mm Cutter (DIN4980R).

- Threading dial

- Chip tray and backsplash.

- MT2 dead center

- Change gear set

- Users Manual

Chris Chris' Tips
View a comparison of the specifications for our mini lathes.

With this lathe, you can create every American Standard Unified class 2A inch screw thread from 4 to 100 threads per inch, and you can create every American Standard Metric class 6h thread from 0.25 to 8 mm pitch with the extra 21 tooth change gear that is included.

But you can actually make more thread pitches than that. And, there are more change gear combinations than those shown in the users guide. To see what you can really do, see the Change Gear Calculator.

See what the difference is between the SIEG drive system and the HiTorque drive system.

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  • 250 Watt spindle motor
  • 2 Speed ranges for low speed torque
  • E-stop safety power switch
  • Zero-settable hand wheels graduated in 0.001" on cross slide and compound rest
  • Rear apron shield to keep swarf out of the mechanism
  • Four-way turret tool post
  • Reversible lead screw for right and left hand threads
  • Threading Dial
  • SANOU brand lathe and drill chucks
  • Made and inspected in an ISO 9001 compliant factory
Swing Over Bed 7" (180 mm)
Swing Over Saddle 4.3" (110 mm)
Distance Between Centers 14" (350 mm)
Cross Slide Travel 2.6" (65 mm)
Spindle Through Hole 0.8" (20 mm)
Spindle Taper #3 Morse taper
Tailstock Taper #2 Morse taper
Range of Threads 12-52 TPI
Range of Threads (Metric) 0.3-8.0 mm pitch
Spindle Motor Output 0.34 hp (250 Watts)
Spindle Speed 100 - 2500 RPM
Power Requirements 120 V 60 Hz 5 Amps
Crated Weight 120 lbs (55 kg)
Machine Weight 86 lbs (39 kg)
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 31" x 10" x 12" (800 mm x 260 mm x 300 mm)
Crate Dimensions (W x D x H) 36" x 15" x 18" (910 mm x 380 mm x 450 mm) 7x14 Mini Lathe - features callout Features at a Glance 7x14 Mini Lathe - Dimensions Callout Key Dimensions 7x14 Mini Lathe - Drive System Callout Drive System 7x14 Mini Lathe - control panel switches Control Panel 7x14 Mini Lathe - Tool Holding Chuck, Tool Post and Tailstock 7x14 Mini Lathe - 3 inch lathe chuck Three inch Sanou Chuck 7x14 Mini Lathe - cutting bit against work piece Cutting Bit Against Work 7x14 Mini Lathe - cutting bit mounted in tool post Cutting Bit Mounted in Tool Post 7x14 Mini Lathe - tailstock drill chuck with drill Drill Chuck Mounted in Tailstock 7x14 Mini Lathe - tailstock with dead center Tailstock with Short 2MT Dead Center 7x14 Mini Lathe - Cutting and Threading Cutting and Threading Control 7x14 Mini Lathe - threading dial Threading Dial 7x14 Mini Lathe - cross slide and carriage Cross Slide and Carriage 7x14 Mini Lathe - cross slide dial Cross Slide Dial 7x14 Mini Lathe - side view Side View with Change Gear Settings 7x14 Mini Lathe - hi-low shifter Hi-Lo Shifter 7x14 Mini Lathe - gears Change Gears 7x14 Mini Lathe - accessories Accessories Package 7x14 Mini Lathe - Specifications Callout Specifications 7x14 Mini Lathe - factory inspection report Factory Inspection Report Included

This Mini Lathe comes with the following:

  • Mini Lathe Users Guide
  • Factory inspection report on six key parameters
  • SANOU 3" (80 mm) 3-jaw self centering lathe chuck with two sets of jaws and a chuck wrench
  • A #2 Morse Taper (2MT) dead center
  • Threading dial
  • 1/2" SANOU drill chuck with 2MT arbor and a 6 mm drill
  • One 8 mm Brazed Carbide RH Turning Tool
  • 10-gear change gear set
  • Two open end wrenches
  • Four hex (Allen) wrenches
  • A plastic oil can


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