Machine Shop Trade Secrets, Second EditionMade in United States

Machine Shop Trade Secrets, Second Edition
  • Machine Shop Trade Secrets: A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices
  • By James A. Harvey
  • 320 pages, paperback, 8½" x 11"
  • ISBN 978-0-8311-3477-8
  • Copyright 2013
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There are many reference books on the market today, starting with the Machinery's Handbook, that provide much of the technical and reference information a machinist or engineer may ever need. It is difficult, however, to find a book that provides practical "how to" information that can immediately be put to use to improve ones machining skills, craftsmanship and productivity.

The purpose of this book is to fill that void and provide concrete suggestions that can help you think and produce like an experienced machinist. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve hit the mother lode.

This book is primarily directed toward the conventional tool room machinist working in a small shop environment. Many CNC machining suggestions are also included. By virtue of pricing and delivery competition, most small shops have to be very good at what they do. You will find that the equipment and techniques referred to in these pages are commonly seen and used in small machine shops.

Chris Chris' Tips
I think this book is great! It is a huge list of tips for the machinist. Every page includes at least one tip that I find useful.

List of Figures

  1. Work Fast
  2. Get It Right
  3. Do It The Easy Way
  4. Make 'Em Look Good
  5. Help For Novices
  6. More Shop Talk
  7. The Cutter Caper
  8. Threads And Things
  9. Help For Engineers
  10. Rotary Table Magic
  11. Taming Warp
  12. Be Square
  13. Mold Making Tips
  14. Get Your Grinder Goin'
  15. The Incredible CNC
  16. Shop Math Wizardry
  17. Odds And Ends
  18. Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Appendix 1: Project Drawings
Appendix 2: Chapter 16 Solutions
Appendix 3: More Trade Secrets