Spindle, High Speed for Mini Mill 2892  (Discontinued)Made in Luxembourg

Spindle, High Speed for Mini Mill
  • 5,000-20,000 RPM
  • Good for both manual and CNC operation
  • Use small cutters at the appropriate cutting speeds
Part Number: 2892  (Discontinued)
Weight: 3.78 lb

Price: $195.95

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This is a simple and effective enhancement to the X2 mini mill that allows the attachment of a Proxxon IB/E professional grinder for use as a high speed spindle. This product extends the capabilities of the X2 by allowing small diameter cutters to be used at their recommended rotational speed for maximum material removal and life.

Use this for fine engraving work, mechanical circuit board etching, jewelry wax machining, and highly detailed wood carving.

This kit includes the Proxxon Professional grinder IB/E and the parts required to mount it as a second high-speed spindle on your mini mill.

Chris Chris' Tips
This kit uses the Proxxon Professions Rotary Tool IB/E. It's a professional-grade tool rated for continuous duty, so it is good for this application. Hobby-type hand grinders won't last long in this sort of application.

The high speed spindle mounts to the left of the mill head. This requires you to relocate the control box. We recommend you put it on the front of the mill head. You can do this without detaching any of the wires.

Here is a picture of the high speed spindle mounted on a mini mill.

This product contains the following items:
  Description Qty
Grinder, Proxxon IB/E Professional Rotary Tool Grinder, Proxxon IB/E Professional Rotary Tool, P/N 2891 1


This product works with the following mills. (If your machine is not on this list, check with us before ordering.)

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  •   Clarke CMD300 Milling Drilling Machine
  •   Grizzly G8689 Mini Milling Machine
  •   Hare & Forbes HM-10 Mill/Drill
  •   Princess Auto 8507667 Powerfist Mini Mill
  •   SIEG X2-MT3 Mini Mill
  •   Micro-Mark 82573 MicroLux Milling Machine
  •   BusyBee CX605 Craftex Mini Mill
  •   Cummins (Tools Now) 7877 Mini Mill
  •   Eastwood 32498 Mini Mill
  •   Harbor Freight 44991 Central Machinery Mill/Drill
  •   Homier 03947 Speedway Mini Mill
  •   Northern Tool 49657 KLUTCH Mini Mill
  •   Penn Tool Co XJ-9510-1 Precise Mini Mill
  •   SIEG X2-R8 Mini Mill
  •   Travers Tools OT2213 OTMT Mini Mill