DVD: Building the Oscillating Cylinder Steam/Air Engine 3484  (Discontinued)Made in United States

DVD: Building the Oscillating Cylinder Steam/Air Engine
  • Mini Machines 202 series
Part Number: 3484  (Discontinued)
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Our Oscillating Steam Engine kit is suitable for almost any level of machinist to build. The simple design of the engine makes it function on basically three moving parts! On this video, SwarfRat builds the engine on-camera.

The engine is rather homely in its stock state, but SwarfRat shows you how -- with just an hour or so of extra work -- to transform it from an 'ugly duckling' into a 'swan'!

Best of all, the principle of the oscillating cylinder can be put into use for much more complicated projects. SwarfRat took the basic kit and a few inches of aluminum stock to make another simple cylinder and piston, ending up with a variable-angle twin cylinder engine.

You could easily make multi-cylinder engines in boxxer, V-twin or radial format using this principle, and they'd be buildable with only basic machinist skills. This is truly a learning experience.

The DVD includes (on disk, not printed) a complete set of drawings for the engine, a materials list, and instructions.

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