Digital Position Readout, 2-Axis Magnetic Scale, DRO Pros Mill 4240  (Discontinued) 

Digital Position Readout, 2-Axis Magnetic Scale, DRO Pros Mill
  • Magnetic scales can be cut to exact length you need
  • Easy to us. More buttons, most intuitive layout--just walk up and operate
  • 5 micron (0.0002") resolution
  • Clearly-written full-color manual and Lifetime warranty
Part Number: 4240  (Discontinued)
Weight: 19.0 lb

Price: $855.00

The DRO PROS EL400 two-axis mill package includes everything you need: the display head, 2 magnetic scales 10" x 20" maximum travel, detailed installation instructions, a detailed full-color operator’s manual, Lifetime warranty, mounting arm, mounting hardware, and universal mounting brackets. Additionally, the display has a USB port on the back, ensuring it won't become obsolete when a new software update is released.

Magnetic scales are impervious to liquid yet they are slimmer than glass scales. They’re easier to mount and more durable than other scales. Simply cut the scales to the length you need and mount them. See the instructions on the Chris’ Tips tab.

This package includes these features: half function, inch/metric conversion, absolute/incremental modes, axis home reference, machine reference, sub datums, bolt-hole circle (pcd), arc bolt hole, arc contouring, grid hole function, line hole function, calculator (trigonometric), encoder fail detection, memory backup.

Operates on 120V or 240V AC

Chris Chris' Tips
One of the major advantages of magnetic scales is the ability to cut them to exactly the length you need. Here are instructions on how to cut magnetic scales.

Scale-Based DRO Packages are designed to mount on any machine within the range of the scales. They all come with 'universal' mounting brackets. These mounting brackets are probably all you need to mount the DRO on large machines. On smaller machines (including mini lathes and mini mills) you will probably need to make some mounting brackets. Note that the Bluetooth DRO packages, except the universal models, come with all the brackets required for the machines they support. All scale-based DRO installations require drilling and tapping a number of holes in the machine.

The biggest challenge is usually the cross slide on small lathes and the X-axis on small mills. On small lathes, the answer is sometimes to mount the DRO scale hanging in space behind the cross slide. On small mills, the smaller cross section of the Shooting Star and the DRO Pros magnetic scales can make it significantly easier to mount the X-axis scale behind the table without restricting the table travel. Glass scales are a challenge to mount on small machines.

Half Function

Inch/metric conversion

Absolute/incremental modes

Axis home reference

Machine Reference

Sub Datums

Bolt-hole circle (PCD)

Arc Bolt Hole

Arc Contouring

Grid Hole function

Line Hole function

Calculator (Trigonometric)

Encoder fail detection

Memory backup

Repeatability 10 microns
Resolution 5 microns
Specified Accuracy 15 microns / 1 m travel
Accuracy / Foot 0.0002" (0.005 mm)
Accuracy / 100 Mm 0.0001" (0.002 mm)
Scales Cut to Length by User Yes
Scale Technology Magnetic
Scale Protection Coolant & dust proof to IP67
Voltage 120-240 V
Clear to Zero Yes
Direct Entry of Position Yes
Inch/mm Display Yes
Power Off Memory Yes
Reversible Count Direction Yes
Find Center Yes
Bolt Circles Yes
Bolt Lines Yes
Preset Points Yes
Tool Offsets No
Radius/Diameter Yes
Incremental/Absolute Yes
Calculator Yes
Arc Machining Yes
Linear Error Compensation Yes
Made In India
Warranty Lifetime
Phone Tech Support Free


3-Axis display


Magnetic Scales

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