DRO Scale, 12" (300 mm) with Display 

DRO Scale, 12" (300 mm) with Display
  • 12" travel stainless steel scale
  • Absolute origin zero memorized when unit is powered on
  • Large LCD displays in inch/metric/fractions
  • Articulating arm allows stacking of multiple displays
  • IP54 Protective rating: Moisture and dust resistance
Part Number: 5012
Weight: 1.64 lb

Price: $99.95

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Twelve inch (300 mm) DRO scale with display and mounting bracket.

This iGaging DRO unit is significantly more robust than other inexpensive scales that are available. There are no batteries in the scale units, and the scale units are permanently wired. No square rubber plugs to cause issues. The unit has a moisture and dust resistance rating of IP54.

The plug into the display unit is a micro USB plug (though not wired as USB), so it's pretty robust. And each display has a strain relief to prevent stress on the plug. Scale is made of hardened stainless steel for high accuracy and repeatability.

Functions include display in inch/metric/fractions, hold button, origin button, absolute/incremental setting and a preset function.

Displays are equipped with magnets to allow easy attachment to steel surfaces. The articulating arm allows stacking of multiple displays (see Chris' Tips). Kit includes 2 different types of mounting brackets for flexibility of installation.

Each display unit contains two CR2032 lithium batteries for long life. For an AC power supply, see P/N 1177 in related products.

Range (travel): 0-12" (300 mm)

Accuracy: 0.0015" (0.03 mm)

Resolution: 0.0005" (0.01 mm)

Total beam length: 16.5"

Distance between mounting brackets: 17.25"

Remote cable length: 76"

Chris Chris' Tips
These readouts are great. They stack if you have more than one on your machine.

Here are the operating instructions.

Here are the pieces you get with each DRO unit.

Range 0" - 12" (0 mm - 300 mm)
Resolution 0.0005" (0.013 mm)
Accuracy 0.0015" (0.038 mm)
Memorize Absolute Origin Zero Yes
Inch/mm Display Yes
Fraction Display Yes
International Protection Rating IP54