May 25th - June 7th
*Excludes Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico, and orders over 700 lbs.


Stand Cabinet, HiTorque Large Bench Mill 

Stand Cabinet, HiTorque Large Bench Mill
  • Metal stand and chip tray for large bench mill
  • Single column design
  • Cabinet and drawer for storage
  • Fits the HiTorque 6700/6750 and SIEG SX3.5 large bench mills
  • Tray and mill mounting hardware included
Part Number: 5989
Weight: 89.5 lb

Price: $499.95

In stock
This single column black stand comes with a built in metal storage cabinet and drawer is sized for our largest mill.

The cabinet base has bolting slots for securing the stand to a floor for additional stability and safety.

Includes stand cabinet, tray, 4 M8x16 tray mounting bolts, 4 M8x40 machine mounting bolts, 8 M8 washers, and 8 M8 locking washers.

Height with Tray 33.375" (847.72 mm)
Width with Tray 18.125" (460.38 mm)
Width of Cabinet 14.50" (368.3 mm)
Depth with Tray 28.688" (728.66 mm)
Depth of Cabinet 21.625" (549.27 mm)
Drawer Usable Width 7.25" (184.1 mm)
Drawer Usable Length 14.875" (377.82 mm)
Drawer Usable Depth 5.0" (127 mm)
Cabinet Usable Width 14.25" (361.9 mm)
Cabinet Top Shelf Usable Depth 19.25" (488.9 mm)
Cabinet Top Shelf Usable Heigth 9.50" (241.3 mm)
Cabinet Bottom Shelf Usable Depth 21.00" (533.4 mm)
Cabinet Bottom Shelf Usable Height 10.00" (254.0 mm)
Bolt Down Slots Distance On Center 12.00" (304.8 mm)
Bolt Down Slots Width 0.50" (12.7 mm)
Bolt Down Slots Depth 1.25" (31.8 mm)
"Stand Cabinet Tray
"Stand Cabinet Cabinet
"Stand Cabinet Drawer
"Stand Cabinet Floor Bolting Slots
"Stand Cabinet Floor Bolting Slots
"Stand Cabinet Cabinet without Tray
"Stand Cabinet Tray Mounting Hardware


This product works with the following mills. (If your machine is not on this list, we cannot verify compatibility.)

  •   SIEG X3.5 Large Bench Mill
  • 6700 HiTorque Large Bench Mill
  • 6750 HiTorque Large Bench Mill

March 1, 2022 - Recent and unprecedented price increases in truck freight and gas prices, especially to residential addresses, has required us to increase the cost of our truck freight. We hope the future will see a return to normal and historical costs, but until then freight delivery costs have increased. 

We ship stand cabinets by truck freight because our experience with UPS package services has resulted in too many stands being damaged in shipping. If you buy a stand with a mill or lathe, the cost of freight shipping for the machine covers the stand too; there is no extra charge to include the stand. (For shipments of this size, the freight companies’ charge is the same regardless of weight.) If you buy a stand without a machine, we add the following shipping cost to your order total, same as for mills and lathes.

 Destination: Local*



Freight Terminal (pick-up)

  • Within 50 miles/1 hour of travel
  • Not all terminals allow pickup
$150 $175

Commercial Address (inc. Limited Access)

  • Set hours/No delivery appointment
  • Includes limited access (schools, military, etc.)
$99 $175

**Liftgate (Add liftgate if forklift or loading dock is not available onsite )


Residential Address

  • Includes delivery appointment and liftgage
  • for ALL Residential businesses
$99  $270

*"Local" refers to the parts of Southern California served by Hollywood Delivery Service.

**Liftgate service is included in Local delivery and Residential delivery. A loading dock or forklift is assumed in Commercial, if not available, please add this extra service.

Ensure you choose the correct type of delivery, have a dedicated contact person/number, and are ready on day of delivery.Freight companies charge an additional fee if delivery exceeds 30 minutes.


  • Only one shipping charge for entire pallet (up to 700 pounds total). The shipping charges shown above cover the cost of shipping the machine and anything else that you purchase with it, including a second machine, stand, tooling, and accessories. 
  • A "commercial address" has a sign with company name, a public entrance and posted hours of operation. If you are running a business at your residence without a public entrance and posted company name and hours of operation it is considered a residence and a not commercial address. 
  • "limited access" designation is required for “Secured Locations” (schools, colleges, universities, university hospitals, military bases, government facilities, etc.) Please provide accurate details on delivery in special instructions.
  • "Terminal Pickup" allows for pickup at local terminal. If there is not a terminal within 50 miles (or 1 hour), we will confirm with you that you still want Terminal Pickup. Terminals tend to be near highways (usually miltiple intersecting) and industrial centers. Only certain terminals allow pick-up.
  • "Residential delivery" does not include moving machine into home/garage/workshop or any setup. Delivery is to start of driveway on the street that thedelivery truck can access. (See inside delivery below)


For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico

We will check with several trucking companies to get the best price and then call for your approval before we ship.


Canadian Shipments

Truck Freight shipping to Canada involves 3 distinct charges in addition to the product costs. (All amounts are in US Dollars, see the current mid-market exchange rate.)

  1. Canadian Provincial Taxes (GST, PST, HST) depending on which province the shipment is going to. This will be 5% - 15% added to total sales amount depending on province (Canadian Sales Tax).
  2. Hemisphere Customs Brokerage which handles all customs clearance requirements. This is a flat fee of $108 on any shipment.
  3. Truck Freight from Southern California to destination in Canada. This is generally $300-$500 for residential liftgate delivery and appointment for single machine + tooling orders. Delivery to a terminal for pick-up or a commercial location with loading capabilities can reduce this cost substantially.



To get a quotation that includes the shipping costs, add the products you want to the shopping cart and continue the checkout process until you reach the Payment page. On the Payment page, select the Quotation option. We will add the shipping costs and return a complete quotation to you within one business day.


Inside Delievery

Some carriers offer Inside Delivery which gets the machine inside one doorway or into your garage. If you select this we will confirm availability before shipping:

   Local        Continental US
Inside Delivery

Gets the machine inside 1 threshold (NO stairs, NO gravel, NO tight corners, etc.)

This is simply pushing pallet jack to move crate a little closer to destination or up driveway into garage. NO Uncrating. NO Setup.

Once shipment in transit carrier can not change service or refund charge. CALL IF QUESTIONS...

$75 $100