Collet Holder, R8, Free StandingMade in United States

Collet Holder,  R8, Free Standing
  • Free standing R8 collet rack
  • Twenty four spaces
  • Clear size markings - offset to allow visibility with collets installed
  • Holds sizes 1/16" to 3/4" by 32nds plus one blank
  • Common end mill sizes highlighted
Part Number: 6324
Weight: 1.08 lb

Price: $33.95

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Free standing R8 collet rack suitable for bench top or for inside a drawer. Twenty four spaces for collets with sizes engraved for easy visibility. Holds all sizes from 1/16" to 3/4" by 32nds and with one pocket blank.

Engraved sizes are offset to make reading easy when collets are installed.

Most common end mill sizes are highlighted for quick retrieval.

Dimensions: 12 3/4" wide, 5 1/2" deep. Height is 4 5/8" with collets installed.

Made from PVC with sealed MDF legs.

Collet Holder Holding Collets
Collet Holder Top View