Plans, P&H 1015 Crane Model - 1/12th ScaleMade in United States

Plans, P&H 1015 Crane Model - 1/12th Scale
  • Complete plans to build a model P&H Model 1015 crawler crane
  • Crane can be configured with boom length over 9 feet
  • USB Flash Drive containing 7 GB including complete plans and annotated construction photos
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This Crane Model is a 1/12th scale, fully functioning 8-channel Radio Controlled replica of the 1960s vintage P&H Model 1015 (110-ton capacity) Lattice Boom Crawler Mounted Crane. Power for the model is provided by a 12 Volt, 22 Amp Hour LiFePO4 battery that is mounted at the right rear of the cab. The model’s left and right crawler treads are powered independently with 12 Volt gearmotors and propel the model at a scale speed of 60 inches per minute. The single Boom Hoist Drum, two Cable Hoist Drums and the Cab Swing are each powered by modified 12 V windshield wiper (worm gear) motors from late model VWs. The lattice boom is a hybrid design that utilizes select straight 5/16” diameter oak x 36” long corner rods with 1/8” diameter poplar lattice members, however the boom areas of stress concentration including the Boom Tip section, Boom End sections and the Boom Base section are 50/50 soldered brass tubing fabrications.

While a lot of time was spent in the design and documentation of over 117 two-view engineered drawings for all of the components, (with many of the sketches augmented with step-by-step Word instructions) I would estimate the time required for an average hobby machinist to fabricate the model from the Crane model 1015 DIY Flash Drive plans to be around 1,200 to 1500 hours. Note that access to, and knowledge of both a metal lathe (7” Swing Over Bed x 16” Distance Between Centers min) and mill (15” x 7.5” table travel min) are required.

The Crane Model 1015 DIY Flash Drive stores over 7 GB of digital information including, 117 PDF Sketches and Instructions, over 2,600 construction photos cataloged in 53 folders for easy reference, a 21-page Excel Bill of Materials that lists the part numbers, the sketch numbers and required materials/hardware, electrical wiring diagrams, radio programing instructions, full size crane photos/brochures and a 66-page Owner’s Manual.

Chris Chris' Tips
Tom has a YouTube channel showing a lot about the model crane.

Here is an article on The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum website about the model crane: Building and Documenting a Fully Functional 1/12 Scale P&H 1015 Crane

"Plans Full Model
"Plans RC Body
"Plans Cab Detail
"Plans Cab
"Plans Cab Detail
"Plans Alternate View
"Plans Alternate View
"Plans Cab Assembly - left
"Plans Cab Assembly - right
"Plans Crane Accessories
"Plans Dragline
"Plans Kit Contents
"Plans Crane Model and Tom

P&H Model 1015 Crane Model Plans

Samples from plan pack including instructions, crane drawing, and materials sheet.

P&H Model 1015 Crane Model Plans- sample instructions
PDF Sample of Instructions
P&H Model 1015 Crane Model Plans- sample drawing
PDF Sample of Drawings
P&H Model 1015 Crane Model Plans- sample materials list
PDF Sample of Materials List
  • Model Crane Owner's Manual (66 page PDF)
  • Model Crane Bill Of Materials (Excel spreadsheet listed by Sketch & Part Numbers)
  • Model Crane Component Sketches (117 PDF sketches)
  • Construction Photos (over 2,600 photos of the build cataloged in 53 folders)
  • Full Size Crane Photos for Reference
  • P & H Model 1015 OEM Manuals and Data Sheets
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