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Steady rests, milling attachments, faceplates, and other accessories for C6 lathes

This list shows only products that are specific to C6 lathes. For products that work with many different lathes, such as live centers, see Lathe > Tooling.

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P/N Description Price  
5035 Clamping Kit, C8 Faceplate CLOSEOUT $38.95
3787 Compound Rest Top, for AXA QCTP on C6 Lathe $39.95
5043 Faceplate, C8 Lathe CLOSEOUT $57.70
2499 Faceplate, G0516 Combo Lathe Mill $59.46
5042 Follower Rest, C8 Lathe CLOSEOUT $79.95
2894 Milling Attachment, C6 Lathe $265.48
1514 Nut, Cross Slide Feed C8 Lathe CLOSEOUT $32.86
2496 Steady Rest, C6 Lathes CLOSEOUT $79.95
5036 Steady Rest, C8 Lathes CLOSEOUT $99.95
2545 Threading Dial Assembly (Inch), G0516 $32.40
2498 Wood Turning Tool Rest and Center, C6 $68.49