Battery, LR44 Alkaline 

Battery, LR44 Alkaline
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These LR44 alkaline batteries fit most electronic digital calipers.

11.6 mm diameter, 5.4 mm thick.

1.50 volts (nominal), 105 mAh.

These batteries interchange with AG13, D357, 357, A76, LR44W, CX44, SR44.

Chris Chris' Tips
We sell two types of button batteries; alkaline and silver oxide, and the silver oxide batteries cost a lot more than the alkaline. Are they worth it?

While the silver oxide batteries have somewhat more capacity than the alkaline batteries (190 mAh vs. 105 mAh), there is more to the story.

The voltage that an alkaline battery puts out declines fairly steadily over the usage life of the battery. At some point on that curve-not a long way past half way, the voltage drops to the point where the display on your instrument starts blinking- asking for a new battery.

Silver oxide batteries, on the other hand, maintain close to their initial voltage through about 90% of their useful life.

So you might get to use 60% of the capacity of an alkaline battery (60% of 105 mAh is 63 mAh) versus 90% of the capacity of a silver oxide battery (90% of 190 mAh is 171 mAh). And you don't have to change batteries so often.

Tip: If you need batteries for one of our Laser Edge and Center Finders, don't waste money on silver oxide batteries. Testing has shown that they work just as long on alkaline batteries.