Magnetic Back for Dial Indicator 

Magnetic Back for Dial Indicator
  • 2.25" diameter to fit AGI Group II dial indicators
  • Magnetic back comes with screw-on indicator back
  • Strong permanent magnet
Part Number: 2531
Weight: 0.35 lb

Price: $5.95

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**NOTE** These sometimes require slightly longer 2-56 screws to mount to the back of an indicator.
Range 0" - 2" (0 mm - 51 mm)
Resolution 0.001" (0.03 mm)
A.G.D. Group 2
Face Diameter 2.25" (57.1 mm)
Shank Size 0.375" (9.52 mm)
Thread Tip #4-48
Dial Reading 0-100-0
Revolution 0.100" (2.54 mm)
Type Lug backing
Dial Face Continuous Dual Reading
Magnetic Back for Dial Indicator - Reverse View Reverse View
Magnetic Back for Dial Indicator - Side View of Pair Side View of Pair of Indicators (2 products)


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