Bore Gage Set, 2-6" Dial 

Bore Gage Set, 2-6" Dial
  • Measure ID of holes from 2" to 6" in diameter
  • Close tolerance measurement of ID, taper and roundness
  • Furnished with AGD Group II dial indicator
  • Accuracy: 0.0005"
  • Includes fitted case and interchangeable anvils
Part Number: 3708
Weight: 2.42 lb

Price: $94.95

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This dial bore gage is easy to calibrate with a ring gage or micrometer.
Chris Chris' Tips
Here is a quick video showing the mounting of the indicator to the gage.

"Bore Gage Set Indicator, Gage Head Extender, and Anvil Mounted
"Bore Gage Set Case and Contents
"Bore Gage Set Gage Head and Anvil Detail
"Bore Gage Set Gage Head Showing Anvil, Extender and Knurled Nut