Vise, 3" Sine Screwless & Space Block Set 

Vise, 3" Sine Screwless & Space Block Set
  • 3" Sine screwless vise
  • 36 piece space block set
  • Vise is hardened and precision ground
  • Block set is precision tool steel
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Weight: 17.8 lb

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This package includes a 3" Precision screwless sine vise and a 36 piece space block set.


Jaw width is 2.9" (73 mm), jaw depth is 1.4" (35 mm), jaw opening is 4" (100 mm). The base size is 7" x 2.9" (190 mm x 73 mm) The center distance of the cylinders is 100.00 mm. Hardened and precision ground to a tolerance of .0004” for both parallelism and squareness. Sine range: 0 - 60°. Jaw can be opened or closed without unbolting vise from work surface.

Block Set:

36 piece block set, use these space blocks to set the sine vise to the correct angle. Working surfaces hardened to Rc 57-60. Four connecting screws are included to make any length desired. Made of precision tool steel and individually marked. Meets or exceeds federal specifications. Set comes in a fitted case.

Chris Chris' Tips
You can set the Sine Vise to a precise angle using our Space Blocks.

The Sine Vise Height Table shows how to set the sine vise.

There are tables available that tell you how tall a stack of space blocks you need for a particular angle with a sine vise or sine bar. But nowadays, it is probably easier to find a calculator that has a sine function than the appropriate table. (There is such a calculator built into Windows--switch to scientific view.)

Here is how to use a calculator to calculate the stack of space blocks you need:
1. Enter the angle in decimal degrees (for example 15.2).
2. Press the SINE (or SIN) key (result 0.26218).
3. Press the X (multiply) key.
4. Enter the roll spacing (for example 5).
5. Press the = (equal) key (result 1.31095).

Take a look at our vise comparison page before you choose a vise.

Jaw Width 2.9" (73 mm)
Jaw Depth 1.4" (35 mm)
Maximum Jaw Opening 4" (100 mm)
Center Distance 3.937" (100.00 mm)
Angle Range 0 - 60°
Swivel Base No
Weight 10 lbs (5 kg)
Length 7" (190 mm)
Width 3.05" (77.5 mm)
Mounting Bolt Centers n/a
Hold-Down Mechanism Yes
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Space Block Set Space Block Set, P/N 1757 1
Vise, 3" Screwless Sine Vise, 3" Screwless Sine, P/N 1756 1