Readout, DRO 

Readout, DRO
  • Buttons for on/off and mm/inch
  • Replacement part for numerous DRO assemblies or machines
  • Used in 2-axis DRO package for mini lathes
  • Used in 2-axis DRO package for 20 TPI mini lathes
  • Used in DRO package for mini lathe tailstock
Part Number: 5673
Weight: 0.15 lb
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Digital readout for the lathes and tailstocks with a non-Bluetooth DRO readout.

This readout by itself is not useful without the rest of the DRO package. See related products for full assemblies or kits using this readout. As a replacement part, see compatibility tab for reference to machines or other related products that use this product. See Used On tab for reference to machines using this part and the corresponding drawing number.

"Readout DRO display in millimeters
"Readout DRO display in inches
"Readout Display Reverse Side